Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Volunteer program

Extreme poverty, natural disasters and past conflicts have seriously affected the people of Nepal. These situations result in the death of thousands of people and turn many children into orphans. These children become very vulnerable and are exposed to torture and exploitation and there is no government initiative to protect these children and their fundamental rights. In this context, concerned citizens have opened orphanages to house, care and educate unprotected and disadvantaged children. However if there is a family or responsible person, we will support the child by this family in the village where she was born.
Therefore this project has two parts, one that supports children and teenagers living in a home in Pokhara and another that provides assistance to children living in remote villages.

As a volunteer in orphanage project, you will work to better the lives of the children by caring for them and teaching them. You will take them and bring them from school. You will have the opportunity to teach English, help with homework and conduct creative programs including games, music, art, drawing, painting. If you are skilled in sewing, tailoring, crafting, typing, and computing, you can teach these skills to the children as well. During your volunteer work, care for them also by making sure they eat well, sleep well, wash and change into cleaner clothes. This is a vital aspect as the love and the care that you provide will make them feel loved, something so important to a child who already experienced tragedy in her short life or suffered severe privations. The volunteer will also help with household such as cleaning, washing, cooking or even helping the children's house mother to do the shopping in local markets.

No specific skills and qualifications are required but volunteers should be flexible, practical, self-motivated and open mind to learn new culture. This experience will provide you the wonderful opportunity to experience nepali lifestyle and you can even learn to cook typical nepali food and some vocabulary in nepali language.

Accommodation, food, support and supervision during your stay are included according to the programs listed below. The volunteer will have his own room in the guest house (simple but with private bathroom and wi-fi) and we also offer discount for those traveling together and sharing the same room. From morning till evening volunteers will spend their time at the orphanage where they will be served two meals a day, breakfast and lunch, except on free day (usually saturday). For dinner you can try the restaurant at the guest house or the array of dining choices offering international delicacies in Lakeside, Pokhara.

All visits to the villages will be monitored, being necessary to pass one or two nights with the locals, in more basic terms. Here, the volunteers will collect information about the children living with the family member, do assessment needs and learn about their school progress by the school they attend. For programs longer than two weeks there will be the chance to spend a week at one of these schools.

Have in mind that this children's home is based in Pokhara, a touristic town that lies 200km from the capital Kathmandu. Thus, the program Kathmandu-Pokhara, offers all support starting at Kathmandu International Airport till your return at the end of the stay, including transportation between the two cities, two nights in a hotel in Kathmandu and also a visiting program in Pokhara Valley. If you choose the Pokhara Program only, then you have to manage your own journey till you reach us in this city.

See the detailed programs below, tell us your preference and how long you want to be with us or contact for further information and conditions.

Programm Kathmandu – Pokhara

·  2 weeks:       350 USD
·  1 month:       560 USD
·  2 months:     970 USD
·  3 months:   1150 USD


- Pick up at Kathmandu International Airport
- Overnight stay at hotel in Kathmandu
- Bus to Pokhara
- Sightseeing Pokhara Valley
- All accomodation in Pokhara or at village
- 2 meals per day (local food)
- Contribution to the children (food/school)
- Return bus to Kathmandu
- Overnight stay in hotel at your return to Kathmandu
- Transfer to Kathmandu International Airport the day of your departure

Pokhara Programm only

    Single private room

     Shared room (each)

·  1 week:         160 USD
·  2 weeks:       300 USD
·  1 month:       500 USD
·  2 months:     920 USD
·  3 months:   1100 USD

·  1 week:         120 USD
·  2 weeks:       250 USD
·  1 month:       400 USD
·  2 months:     750 USD
·  3 months:     900 USD


- All accomodation in Pokhara
- 2 meals per day (local food)
- Contribution to the children (food/school)

    EXCLUDED in prices above:

    - Flights
    - Visas
    - Travel insurance
    - Drinks and bar bills
    - Laundry service
    - Free time activities

    You can get visa on arrival to enter Nepal. Visa Fee:
    Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25
    Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40
    Multiple entry 90 days US$ 100

    For further information contact: